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Family Law

The Heart of All Law Matters Ultimately Involves Families. Our Family Law Practice Protects You and Yours and Wins for You.

We love our family no matter what their imperfections but sometimes a break in the family relationship requires outside help to fix. Family law governs the legality of family relationships, and can be used in a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Child custody and visitation rights during divorce proceedings
  • Adoptions
  • The determination of paternity
  • Domestic violence and child abuse
  • Financial arrangements
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Legal agreements between unmarried couples of the same or opposite sex

The parameters of what falls under family law jurisdiction vary from state to state. For more information about your rights under family laws, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff of family law attorneys. Our clients get the best guidance and protection. What Our Clients are Guaranteed is Dedicated and Compassionate Legal Representation 24/7.

Things happen sometimes that we do not expect or necessarily want in life despite all our efforts to prevent them. Certain situations and relationships do not always work out as planned and unexpected events can have ramifications that touch numerous aspects of our daily lives and long-term plans. The epitome of this can be seen in family and domestic life. Particularly, in situations of divorce, child custody or paternity issues, plans for adoption, or situations involving domestic violence or abuse.

As family law specialist, we are experienced, compassionate and intimately familiar with the legal aspects and implications of domestic and family law issues. We help those needing legal representation for a divorce, custody case, adoption, domestic assault or other family-related legal issue, contact us today and see the reason why our clients rest easier and win more often.


Divorce Expertise You Can Count On

We represent clients in all types of separation and divorce proceedings:

  • Legal separations
  • “No-fault” divorces and uncontested divorces
  • Contested divorces
  • Applications for temporary orders
  • Annulments

If you are having problems after a divorce, we also represent clients seeking modification and enforcement of divorce decrees, support rights and obligations, property allocations, and child custody rights.


Custody and Paternity Expertise


Parents seeking custody of their children, often the best and most efficient way to reach a resolution is by negotiating mutually-acceptable custody arrangement and visitation plan. If this is not possible, parents also have the option to resort to the courts for intervention in establishment of custody and visitation rights. We listen to our clients and understand their personal circumstances so we can work with clients to develop a winning strategy for obtaining the child custody rights they need. We also represent fathers and mothers in paternity cases and are experienced in establishing evidence of paternity, and representing clients with respect to custody, support and other family law issues.


Adoption Lawyers

We provide comprehensive consultation and legal representation for all aspects of the adoption process.


Legal Representation for Victims and Persons Charged with Domestic Violence

Our combined experience in family law and criminal law gives clients an advantages in cases involving domestic violence. If you are facing domestic violence charges or if you need protection as the victim of a domestic violence crime, contact us today.


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