Shoplifting Defense

We Help Clients Accused of Shoplifting

Needing help for shoplifting arrest? We can guide you to safe legal ground in such an embarrassing circumstance.

The legal consequences are very serious and local experienced legal expertise is vital to those in this predicament. Being arrested for shoplifting is not only awkward but can take away freedoms. Being convicted can result in loss of time and money through consequences like monetary fines, jail time, a criminal record, lengthy probation, loss of employment, and can even affect immigration.

We Provide You Genuine Expert Defense and Guidance to Resolve Shoplifting Charges


Who we help: suspected shoplifters wanting to fight for their rights.

Usually, a suspected shoplifter is approached and detained by store security after being witnessed taking (concealing or not) store merchandise from the merchant without paying for it.  Police intervention and arrest often follows these events.

Most commonly asked question by those accused of the offense:

What are the potential consequences and how am I going to be treated by the criminal justice system and the Court?

The answer varies based on the steps taken by accused shoplifters immediately after the ordeal. If the accused wants to protect their rights and contact a local attorney, the end result can, and often will be very different as opposed to the consequences for those who ignore and remain in fear of the legal system pursuing them. These offenses do not just disappear and our firm solves these problems for clients locally and care about the service and results we provide. Only the best care is given to clients so that they can rest easier.

You need a lawyer who is local and has many years in the court system you are dealing with.  A lawyer who work hard at obtaining a disposition that, in many cases, does not result in a criminal conviction that can follow and negatively effect a person their entire lives.

Avoid This Big Mistake


Reality is many people try to convince themselves the legal matter can be handled with out help and they try to save the money they would spend on a lawyer and instead they go to court and plead no contest for probation falsely believing this is the best course of action.

Long term consequences of not having a local lawyer can dwarf in comparison to any money saved. In today’s internet-savvy world, more employers are doing extensive criminal records checks on potential employees. Many employers consider a shoplifting conviction a very severe dishonest act and often (routinely) deny employment as a result. We know the local customs and practices of the Court, and they can often find an alternative to a criminal conviction.

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